Check My Lagom

Swedes love their very own, humble word for something that’s just perfect – lagom! Not too much, not too little. But how ’lagom’ are we Swedes, really, on Instagram? How often can you post without annoying your followers? How many emojis are socially acceptable? How many likes per post is the right amount? To launch the second season of the hit-series Welcome to Sweden, we gave the Swedish population a tool to check how ’lagom’ they really are on Instagram.


TV4 ’s international hit-series Welcome to Sweden’s second season wanted a new, younger audience to discover the Swedish/American sitcom.

Check My Lagom desktop


With ’Check My Lagom’, Greg Poehler, the star of the show, lets you find out how ‘lagom’ you are on Instagram. Based on the number of hashtags you use, number of likes you receive and how frequently you post, you got a result on how ’lagom’ you are.

Check my lagom mobile


Check My Lagom spread quickly through word of mouth and reached 1,600,000 Swedes on social media. Views of the show increased with 107% compared to the previous year. The campaign contributed to a media reach of 74,660,852 throughout the season. TV4 morning show talked about the campaign, where Greg Poehler roasted Tilde de Paula (the host) on live television, which spread the campaign all over Sweden.

Watch Greg Poehler on TV4 morning show