Eau De Gateau

Gateau were opening their doors in Gothenburg for the first time and wanted help to spread the news. We helped them by spreading their scent. By packaging the scent of their hero product, Grand Blanc, a sourdough loaf in a classically, french inspired perfume bottle we successfully spread the news.


When Gateau planned to open in Gothenburg for the first time they wanted help to spread the news, create brand awareness and make people curious and in turn visit their newly opened bakeries, in a city where hardly anyone knew about Gateau.


The sense of smell affects 75 % of our daily emotions and it is an established tool to lure people in certain directions. Gateau is a luxury brand with inspiration from France. How can we communicate their main product – freshly baked bread – in a way that communicates their brand tonality?


Eau de Gateau – a perfume based on their hero-product, Grand Blanc. In order to spread the news of the newly opened bakeries, we spread the scent of their brand. The perfume was sent to handpicked media and relevant influencers so they could try for themselves.



The campaign became a great success and reached over 4,2 million Swedes, especially the citizens of Gothenburg. Through a wide spread of media articles, all from lifestyle to business, as well as through significant influencers’ attention, we established an awareness about the grand openings. We managed to create an interesting story for the openings. The perfume became such a sought after product and created a buzz amongst media and its readers that the bottle supply finished within days.