Face Your Fear

The Virtual Reality (VR) technology is so powerful today that it can even be used to cure phobias. To highlight the endless possibilities of Samsung Gear VR we created “Face Your Fear”, an experiment where we helped four Nordic influencers overcome their fear of spiders in just 3 hours.


To show that Samsung is a market leader within the fast developing world of VR and highlight their technology that allows to break barriers in peoples lives.


Many companies are eager to join the trend, however, most communicate with VR technology in very similar ways – through games and entertainment. That’s why Samsung wanted to create communication that highlights the endless possibilities with VR and how the technology can solve problems and create meaningful solutions in peoples lives. One of the most common phobias among the nordic population are spinders – an irrational fear that holds people back in their daily lives.

We asked ourselves – How can Samsung help people overcome their fear of spinders themselves with the help of VR?

Four Nordic influencers: Denmark (Mette Marie Lei Lange), Sweden (Vanja Wikström), Norway (Alexandra Joner), Finland (Ville Kankare).


We created “Face Your Fear” – a unique experiment where four nordic influencers got to face their arachnophobia and have it cured in three hours – by only using Samsung Gear VR. Through a collaboration with the Swedish startup company, Mimerse, the VR–app Itsy was customised for the experiment. Itsy is a virtual experience based on KBT–research that helps people treat their fear of spinders. The participating arachnophobic northerners, who all have significant amount of followers in social media, were treated with Itsy and Gear VR, with a controlled experiment. The experiment was presented with different episodes and was activated in their own channels, and used towards media. The VR-app, Itsy, was made available to the public, allowing anyone with the arachnophobia to treat their fear.

Watch as Vanja gets cured of her fear of spiders in this short series


The campaign became a great success and even reached across Nordic borders, with an estimated reach of 41 012 331 people all over the world. The news that it is possible to treat phobias with Samsungs VR technology was picked up by TV, radio, webb, news media – which lit the spark to a fast spreading buzz on social media. American public service, NPR, got a hold of the news, which lead to a great international media break through, for example, The Daily Dot, Uproxx and VICE. This, in turn, lead to Swedish media, such as Sveriges Radio and Expressen, to cover the news. The campaign was also communicated through the participating influencers channels to maximize the effect. Downloads of the app, Itsy, increased with 50% during the campaign period. But the most important aspect was that Samsung, with the help of their latest VR technology, helped people all over the world to overcome their fear of spiders.