Happy Place

Apotek Hjärtat’s Happy Place is the world’s first pain relieving VR app that helps people manage their pain in a completely new way. Happy Place was downloaded over 10 000 times during the campaign period and created a large media buzz globally, reaching over 100 million people worldwide only through media coverage.


Pain relief is one of Apotek Hjärtat’s most important category areas and they are constantly striving to offer their customers new ways to treat their pain. Apotek Hjärtat wanted to create a brand building and engaging communications activity that positioned them as experts and innovator on pain relief.


How you perceive and deal with pain is largely a mental thing. Years of research and several independent studies show that virtual distraction can shift the brain’s focus from physical discomfort.


Happy Place – the world’s first VR app for pain relief available to the public. Happy Place distracts the brain from focusing on temporary pain through a virtual world. The app is available for download in Oculus Store and available to try in selected Apotek Hjärtat pharmacies.


The campaign became a great success both in Sweden and internationally. Over 3 million Swedes were reached through a wide spread of articles in Sweden’s largest newspapers, tech magazines and health media. Happy Place also created a buzz internationally when major news sites and magazines around the world covered the story – resulting in a reach of 100 million impressions globally. During the campaign period Apotek Hjärtat increased sales in the pain segment – growing 6,2 %. Happy Place has been downloaded from Oculus Store over 12 500 times, with a growing rate of 2 400 downloads a month. The average time spent in the app is 9 minutes, with a total of 1 600 hours spent in Happy Place.