Hej Snippan!

The relatively new word “snippa”, casual and socially acceptable Swedish slang for “vagina”, has contributed to the dismantlement of the taboo surrounding the mention of female genitals. But talking about is still taboo and through a survey, we found that one out of five women have never even looked at their vagina in a mirror. We took note of this when Apoteksgruppen wanted to distinguish themselves as a pharmacy on the Swedish market.

Hej Snippan


Apoteksgruppen wanted to show their expertise in intimate care products and their influence on the market, while helping women around the world by launching a relevant and long-term CSR project.


Apoteksgruppen can, in a trustworthy manner, drive the dismantlement of an old taboo by embracing the word “snippa” and thereby take a stand for women’s rights and health around the world.

Projekt flicka


With the survey, showing how little women know about their own genitals, as a base we created “Hej Snippan!” – an integrated campaign communicated through all of Apoteksgruppens pharmacies, on their website and social media. A collaboration was set up with the UN Project Girl, that works for women’s rights all over the world and especially against genital mutilation and child marriage.

A special toiletry bag was developed for the campaign that was sold in all stores. Where the whole revenue went straight to Project Girl, alongside a small contribution of the revenue from the sales of their intimate care products.

Additionally, a test called “Snipp-skolan” (vagina-school) was launched on Apoteksgruppens’ website, where you could test your knowledge on the female genitalia. The toiletry bag was used in all channels and created a clear visual contrast in print and webb that spread the campaign through bought media.



“Hej Snippan!” was a great success that generated a discussion and got women talking about the importance of taking care of their genitalia. Furthermore, all 10,000 toiletry bags were sold within three weeks, which generated 200,000 SEK for the UN and Project Girl.

The news of “Hej Snippan!” was warmly received in media and reached over 5,000,000 people around Sweden. Some of Sweden’s biggest blogs realised the importance of the campaign and wrote engaging posts which lead to over 25,000 Swedes taking the online test and spent on average 5 minutes on the site. The news became a hot topic among the target group and reached 168,000 on facebook.

Over 1,900,000 people were reached by the intriguing ad.