Telenor, as an integrated CSR project, give parents practical aid to start the a conversation with their children about their life online – a conversation that we believe is as important as the talk about the birds and the bees.


Telenor gives people all over the world access to Internet and the endless possibilities that comes with it. But the internet also has a dark side: hate, discrimination and fraud. Challenges that can be especially difficult for children and youths to face – as well as difficult for parents to talk to their children about as most parents haven’t grown up with internet. As an internet supplier, Telenor, as part of their CSR work, wanted to show their support not only towards their customers but their whole families. So how could we dramatize this to reach the parents?


Even if children and adults have access to the same internet, their online behaviour differ. For youths there’s no real difference between the online and offline world. It can sometimes therefore be difficult for parents to talk to their children about the challenges online. It’s difficult to know what questions to ask, which makes it hard to start the conversation with their children. A lot of parents ask how their day was at school or how practice went, but few ask what’s going on on Snapchat. Reports done by Telenor with parents and their children show that they rarely speak about internet behaviour, that parents know very little about their kids lives online, and that kids want to speak more to adults about these questions – at home as well as at school. The solution was to help families, in a simple way, get the conversation started. The more kids who feel they can talk to their parents about their lives online, the better the conversations will get.

A digital hub with gathered information and practical aid.


”Nätprat” – a whole new context to start talking about life online, as important as the talk about the birds and the bees. An integrated CSR project with practical aid such as Nätpratskorten, a deck of cards to help parents ask the right questions about their kids lives online and get the conversation started; Nätpratsquizet, a digital quiz for parents to put their internet knowledge up for test; Nätpratsjouren, a specifically recruited hotline within Telenor’s customer service, with experts within childrens’ behaviour online; Vuxenläxan, a prepared lesson for schools where teachers can talk about online conversation, the students are encouraged to make their own digital quiz about their specific behaviour online that they then give to their parents as homework.

The practical aid, blogg posts from the experts and information about current popular apps and social media is gathered on a continuously updated digital hubb, together with statistics from reports about youths behaviour online. The initiative was even used as the theme for the TV commercials during winter 2015/2016. The project was brought forward by Telenor in collaboration with the Non-profit organisation, Surfa Lugnt, together with experts, teachers and children.

Demonstration of the quiz


Nätprat focus on the insecurities that occur online and made the whole country aware of the solution to the problem – to talk to the children. The initiative became a success with a media reach of 52 million. With a great break through in Nyhetsmorgon, SR, SvD, SVT, local media etc Telenor communicated the importance of the conversation between parents and their children in order to overcome cyberbullying, which in turn, had a great impact on Telenor’s brand. A report based on their consumers shows that more people find that Telenor is taking greater responsibility now compared to before.

The campaign reached beyond Telenors new and current customers as the government office invited Telenor, on numerous occasions, to discuss solutions for a more safe online environment together with the Youth Minister, Åsa Regnér and the Culture Minister, Alice Bah Kuhnke. Nätprat even inspired the royal court to do a project on the same theme, a sign that the campaign made a strong impression on society. Thousands of decks of cards, Nätpratskorten, were produced for all stores across the country and only after a few weeks had to produce more as the demand from schools, parents and libraries was so high. Telenor also educated 1500 employees about the initiativ and made them ambassadors for the project. The most important result were the positive responses from children, parents and schools that now get to talk about their lives online, thanks to Nätprat.

Nätpratsjouren in morning TV