The Roomie Test

People can’t resist self-tests. We’re incredibly curious about ourselves. When someone claims they can tell you who your perfect room-mate is in a single click, how can you not resist finding out? The Roomie Test, launched on Facebook in summer 2013 more than proved this. But nobody could have predicted the viral success that followed, and since then many companies have developed their own versions for their business. Praise indeed.


As Sweden’s largest estate agency, Fastighetsbyrån aims to build relations with clients in the private market, even in the interim period when they’re not involved in a current property deal. When the target group is ready to choose an estate agent, Fastighetsbyrån wants to be first choice. The challenge was to find a way of getting in touch with the target group to build a relationship between them and make Fastighetsbyrån relevant beyond the moment of buying or selling a home.


The strategy for The Roomie Test was based on a number of insights. Most adult Swedes use Facebook daily to relax and have fun. Swedes are also incredibly curious and can’t resist “self-tests”. At the same time the concept of sharing a home is strongly established in Sweden. It’s called “sambo” (which is why the test is called “Sambotestet”), whether it’s a cohabitant or friend or relative you happen to live with. These insights led to the strategy of prompting Swedes to find out which of their friends would make the best roomies.

Sambotestet – The Roomie Test


The solution was “The Roomie Test”, a Facebook app that promised to tell the user which of their Facebook friends would make the perfect cohabitant in just one click. The test was made simple by an advanced technical solution that made full use of Facebook’s API. When a person ran the test, different factors were compared using a points system, including shared interests and tags in photos. The data was compared in real time between different Facebook accounts, but nothing was saved afterwards. Once the test was completed, a photo showed and tagged the user and their perfect roomie. This was accompanied by a fun justification of why the two should move in together. Afterwards, each user was naturally able to share the results.

To continue strengthening the relationship with Fastighetsbyrån’s target group and also link them more closely, The Roomie Test was updated in spring 2014. By adding an extra layer to the application, those who had taken the test now also received suggestions of homes they could live in together with their new roomie. This solution gave Fastighetsbyrån an opportunity to present homes currently up for sale.

In January 2015, an English-language version of The Roomie Test 2.0 was launched. This allowed non-Swedish speakers to also find out who their perfect roomie was and where in Sweden they could live together.

The Roomie Test
The Swedish Sambotestet became The Roomie Test in English


The Roomie Test was the big hit of summer 2013 on social media and has since continued to grow. In less than a month, Fastighetsbyrån’s Facebook page went from around 5,000 likes to over 370,000, probably the fastest growth on a Swedish Facebook page ever.

In just one week, Fastighetsbyrån’s page gained over 250,000 likes – over 150,000 more than their nearest competitor. The page is still growing at a steady rate and, as a direct result of The Roomie Test, has now reached around 515,000 likes. This makes Fastighetsbyrån’s Facebook page currently one of the largest in Sweden.

The Roomie Test has had over 7 million unique visitors who, on average, have spent over one and a half minutes directly relating to the Fastighetsbyrån brand. The effect of the campaign in brand tracking is an increase in all parameters compared with average values, over periods of intensive marketing, including top-of-mind, in mind and spontaneous awareness.

So far over 3.7 million people have taken the test and more than 1.3 million people have shared their results. The campaign has been shown over 478 million times in various ways, according to activity logs on Facebook, which means that every Swedish Facebook user has seen The Roomie Test around 38 times.

This high level of engagement has brought numerous benefits for Fastighetsbyrån. The enormous growth in its audience has generated new opportunities for interaction with potential clients. Over the course of the campaign, a large number of people have also spent time directly relating to the brand in a way that no other communication form could replicate.