Samsung Creative Session

To launch the Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Tab S with maximum impact we ran an exclusive workshop looking at the importance of focusing on detail and colours when people are working creatively. The workshop was hosted by Marzio Riboldi from the Samsung design team in Milan, along with Swedish designer Clara Von Zweigbergk.


Samsung wanted to make a new audience of lifestyle journalists and bloggers aware of the Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Tab S. This is a particularly challenging target group, who is bombarded on a daily basis with invitations from brands promoting their products and events. We needed to grab the attention of these journalists while communicating the quality of the new products.


Instead of talking about technology and new functions, we had to find a way of focusing on the creative process, highlighting all the work that goes into product design.


The solution was our Samsung Creative Session where journalists and bloggers in the lifestyle segment from Norway, Denmark and Finland were invited to a workshop. As a teaser, we created personalised posters bearing the names of the journalists and bloggers invited, displaying them close to their everyday workspaces to attract their attention. Each journalist then received their invitation to the workshop.


Together with the designer, Samsung ran a workshop focusing on detail and colour and how these affect creative work in fashion, film, music and so on. The workshop was led by graphic designer and illustrator Clara von Zweigbergk, who works for brands such as HAY, and Marzio Riboldi from Samsung’s design team in Milan.


The whole event was rounded off with an hour-long hands-on workshop where participants experimented with the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Tab S and used a template created by Clara to make their own poster featuring them. The finished posters were then printed out and sent to the participants to keep.