Telenor wanted to spread the message of their improved mobile network. To show the opportunities that their network creates in people’s daily lives, we opened up Sweden’s very first outdoor office – available to the public.


Let’s face it, no one really cares about the network itself, except for when it doesn’t work. Telenor wanted to let people know that they had made great improvements to their network in a part of Sweden where a competitor previously had better coverage. How could we get people to experience the network and understand its value, without boring them with talk about the network itself?


Most people will agree that summer is the best time of the year and most of us experience a feeling of anxiety when going back to the office and the sun is still shining outside. Studies show that being outside is good for both wellbeing and productivity at work. Because today’s most important work tool is the computer, the ability to bring work outside is limited. A fast and stable mobile network is definitely a requirement.


We created Solkontoret – an integrated campaign with the first outdoor office in Sweden – open to the public. The office was set up in parks in five selected cities in northern Sweden. Visitors could experience all the usual office facilities, including a first class network experience, while also breathing fresh air and getting their daily dose of sunlight.


Solkontoret became a great success in the cities it visited. Local TV channels, radio and newspapers followed the office closely during the whole event period, as well as before and after. Local politicians even visited the office to host their meetings. All resulting in a total reach of over 8.5 million impressions, with a focus on local impressions which was the main goal of the campaign.

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