Songs with Pride

As the main sponsor of Stockholm Pride, 7-Eleven created a music project to honour three people who in various ways have helped make Sweden more open. Three Swedish musicians interpreted the heroes’ stories and created their own musical homage. The purpose of these Songs with Pride was to bring the stories of these pioneers of Swedish openness to a broader audience.


7-Eleven’s brand promise is to be open to everyone. So we had to raise awareness of the company’s support for LGBTQ people and at the same time get across the message that 7-Eleven is the main sponsor of Stockholm Pride.


The LGBTQ movement is extremely strong in Sweden today, thanks in large part to the people who have risked their lives to assert their rights. There are many stories that are never told, stories that could inspire others to be strong in an environment where LGBTQ people still encounter a great deal of prejudice and discrimination.

So how could 7-Eleven find the stories and give unsung heroes a voice?



Music has always been an effective way for people to express their feelings and tell a story to a wider audience. This is why we arranged for three musicians and songwriters to each meet a hero and write a song for them.

Hero Sam meets Ace Wilder.

Together with the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL), we selected three heroes from across Sweden whose stories have in some way contributed to a more open society. Through their encounters with the musicians, the heroes story is now available to millions of people.

The covers of the singles share the same look as the rest of the campaign graphics.
We developed a specific graphic look for the campaign, which appeared on screens in 7-Elven’s stores and in purchased spaces.


Songs with Pride generated headlines in much of the mainstream Swedish media. Both the heroes and the musicians were invited to talk about the project on the breakfast shows TV4 Nyhetsmorgon and Gomorron Sverige.

The project made the front page of DN Kultur.

The meetings between the musicians and the heroes were captured in pictures and film which then became content on social media. Songs with Pride became a topic of discussion not only for 7-Eleven, but also for record labels, musicians, RFSL, Stockholm Pride and everyone else touched by the collaboration.

The songs live on and have so far been played over 170,000 times on Spotify.