Europcar creates music for better driving experience

Can music reduce our stress levels in a traffic jam or make a long drive seem shorter? Sounds for Driving is a collection of music aimed at influencing a driver’s mood, using specially composed music based on insights from scientific research.

Europcar can now present the results of the project Sounds for Driving. The project brought together producer and musician Håkan Lidbo with sound expert Martin Ljungdahl Eriksson, who researches how sound affects people in different situations. The result is seven unique tracks in every rented Europcar vehicle from the Easter weekend onwards. The music will also be made available on Spotify. Every song has been designed for a specific driving situation, with insights from research underpinning the music.


“We want our car rental customers to enjoy their driving and have the best possible experience,” explains Lena Wickström, Marketing Manager at Europcar Sweden. “We face all sorts of different situations on the road. Some make us happy while others cause us stress. With Sounds for Driving, we want to help our customers to have an even better driving experience and as enjoyable a car journey as possible.”

Håkan och Martin

The music was produced by Håkan Lidbo and is based on research into how sound affects us physically and mentally. These research insights have been compiled by Martin Ljungdahl Eriksson from a number of different studies and experiments in Sweden and around the world.

“No-one is in any doubt that music affects our emotions. But composing music for specific driving situations is something new, even for me, and I’ve been involved in hundreds of musical projects,” says producer and musician Håkan Lidbo. “Emotions are highly subjective, partly because we’re rarely aware of them until they really hit us. Working on Sounds for Driving has been fun and rewarding but also a challenge. I hope the music encourages people to think about how they feel in different situations.”

Each track begins with a short spoken intro explaining the purpose of the song. The situations for which the music has been created are: On the road at last, Motorway driving, Night driving, Long-distance driving, City driving, Traffic jam and the bonus track Need to pee.