Estrella gives back to Gaming Sweden via the Golden Crisp

Anyone who’s ever been to a LAN party knows that snacks and gaming go hand in hand. So it’s no surprise that Estrella is a longstanding sponsor of DreamHack, the biggest LAN party in the world, where much of their core demographic is represented. In 2014 they wanted to go further in underlining Estrella’s commitment to gaming culture and the unsung heroes who make it possible: the game developers.



Estrella wanted to get across its passion for gaming and the Swedish gaming community, and at the same time expand on its sponsorship of DreamHack. They wanted to do something real that the target group of gamers would identify with and appreciate that could also be communicated over a longer period than just during DreamHack.


Sweden is a world leader in gaming culture, thanks in no small part to our successful pro-gamers and gaming successes such as Minecraft and the Battlefield series. But behind internationally renowned game studios such as Mojang and Dice lies a strong indie game scene, whose leading lights work day in and day out – largely unpaid – to bring their projects to fruition. We wanted to bring these heroes into the spotlight and honour them, and we knew that the rest of Gaming Sweden would be right behind us if we did.


The solution was Estrella’s Golden Crisp (Guldchipset), a grant for Swedish indie game developers of SEK 50,000, divided between three categories: Best Game, Best Innovation and Best Design. was set up as a hub where game developers could apply for the grant, and where the public could get to know the games submitted. Visitors were also able to vote on which three games they’d like to try out at DreamHack Winter. The three most popular games were each given an opportunity to be demonstrated on Estrella’s stand at DreamHack, and all three teams of developers jumped at the chance.


An expert jury was responsible for choosing who would receive the grant. To ensure the credibility of the Golden Crisp, it was important to have a jury made up of people familiar with the field of gaming. People the target group knew and looked up to. The jury members were the world’s best female Starcraft II player Madeleine “Maddelisk” Leander, the almost legendary Counterstrike player Patrik “cArn” Sättermon, Calle Johansson from, Pontus Eskilsson from Fragbite and Fredrik Nyström from Rakaka and DreamHack. A sixth jury member was appointed from the Swedish public, who were invited to apply for the last space. The honour went to Joel Nyström, himself an indie game developer.


At the end of the six-month application period, the winners in the three grant categories were chosen and the successful developers were presented to the crowd on the main stage at DreamHack Winter 2014.


The Golden Crisp became Estrella’s way in to the target group. Through the grant and the associated activities, Estrella managed to make itself relevant, create genuine engagement and secure an undisputed place at DreamHack. Thanks to genuine interest from gamers and game developers, the Golden Crisp achieved widespread reach via the target group’s own networks. With over 150 posts on social media, blogs and traditional gaming media, the message spread not only about the grant but also the 51 games submitted.

Despite the narrow target group, the Golden Crisp reached over 2 million people and over 20,000 people visited Engagement on far exceeded expectations, with 51 submitted entries, 66,000 page views and over three page views per visit.