When Samsung launched the new smartphone Galaxy S20 Ultra, we got the assignment to create a story driven campaign where we could highlight the main benefit of the new device – the amazing camera.

    Looking at our prime target group, it was obvious that we needed to create inspiring content for social media, primarily Youtube, to get the attention of this hard to reach target group. Our analysis told us that outdoor activities was a big interest for many people in our target group so we decided to combine this interest with the key USPs of the new smartphone to created inspiring content that could bring across the great functionality of the Galaxy S20 Ultra camera.

    We collaborated with four famous outdoor explorers and influencers and let them create a short film together, about outdoor adventures in the Nordics, featuring their favorite sports. While they are filming the short film we create a YouTube series that take the viewer through all the tips and tricks the famous outdoor explorers have learned through their travels and video making in order to give tangible advice of “how to create your own outdoor film with only the camera in your pocket”. By letting strong influencers tell the story about the impressive camera, we created truly relevant and engaging content based on our target groups interest to be used in Samsungs own channels and on Youtube.