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We love dogs, Samsung loves dogs, everybody loves dogs. So to prove that Samsung creates TV entertainment for the whole family, we created Samsung Dog Karaoke – a smart TV-app, only available on Samsung TVs, for dogs to sing to.

The music is composed for instruments that inspire the dog’s inherited behavior to howl to interact with their pack. By the help of a dog expert Samsung identified images and sounds that are likely to catch a dog’s attention and inspire it to sing. These visual and musical elements were then used to create QLED Dog Karaoke.

One example of the adaptation is the number of frames per second. Dog’s eyes are more sensitive to movement than human eyes are, that’s why an old TV showing fewer frames per second will flicker to a dog. The Dog Karaoke films are made with more frames per seconds, suitable for screening on the high definition of Samsung QLED TVs. The karaoke movies portraits dogs and a lot of motion, and the choice of blue and yellow color notes is due to the fact that those are the colors that are the easiest for dogs to perceive.

The app is available on all Samsung QLED TVs* from November 28th 2019

Have a look at the trailer below and download the app to your Samsung TV, for free. Have a Samsung TV but no dog? Adopt one or borrow your friends’ for a fun night of howling in front in the TV.