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Sound is a vital part of experiencing film. When it comes to horror movies, sound is crucial for building tension. For 70 million people in the world, who are deaf, the sound is already absent, and so is the chance to fully experience horror movies. That’s why Samsung teamed up with the lead sound designer behind the award winning Swedish horror film classic “Let the right one in”, to give deaf people the same dimension of thrills as hearing people experience by the sound. A new sound design was created together with a focus group, that included multiple deaf people.

The new sound design was based on low bass frequencies that people can feel in their bodies. With the help of vibrations in the bass, the adapted sound design give deaf people the same unease or fear in scenes of the film where high pitched sounds normally creates it. The film “Let the right one in” with the new audio track is available to watch for free on the Scandinavian streaming site SF Anytime and can with the help of Samsungs Soundbar and Subwoofer, be experienced at home in your living room.