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For many, the year of pandemic was a time of longing. The longing to travel, to have coffee with grandma, to stand on messy dance floors or arrange family dinners. Or just the longing to hug someone you like. And in Sweden the hug is a natural way of saying hello and goodbye.

A new survey conducted by Sifo, on behalf of Apotek Hjärtat, showed that seven out of ten (71%) state that they miss to hug people they should keep distance to during the pandemic.

Hugging is not only cozy, it also brings several positive health effects. Among other things, the hormone oxytocin is released, which can lower heart rate and blood pressure, counteract stress and strengthen the immune system. Research shows that some of the positive effects of the hug can also be achieved by simply looking at other people hugging.

So, before the international Hugging Day (January 21) we teamed up with a neuroscientist and a sound artist to create a digital hug experience that activates the same parts of the brain as a physical hug. Based on science we created a video capturing the essence of a nice hug by visualizing it and enhancing the feel with 3D sound. And then we essentially put our arms around the world in a digital and safe way.

The experience was embraced by the swedes who started to pass it on and after some days thousands of people had watched the video. 80+ articles reported about the initiative (reach of 5+ million) which gave us a ROI of 316 percent.

But most important. Suddenly, the distance felt a little bit closer.

Enjoy the movie as it is, or send it to someone you miss to hug! For best effect, headphones are recommended when watching the movie.

The film was produced under corona safe conditions. Everyone present during the production was tested for Covid-19 at site and the actors in the film were from the same family/household.