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  • Copywriting
  • Creative campaign
  • Graphic design
  • Integrated campaign

Many people suffering from mental health problems feel too ashamed to talk about how they feel, not least because of the pressure social media puts us under to present a polished and perfected version of our lives online. Cheerful inspirational quotes are everywhere intending to make us feel better, appreciate life more and work harder.

We created “Ord från verkligheten” (quotes from reality), for which inspirational quotes were rewritten into uncensored versions. These new quotes, together with a CTA for people to talk about how they truly feel on Mind Forum.

The response was strong and thousands of people praised the initiative as spot-on and liberating. It soon became Mind’s most successful campaign of all times, which resulted in a total reach, from PR and social media, of over 3 800 000. The number of unique visitors to Mind Forum increased by 47% during the time the campaign was active.