Pink Barbershop

Apotek Hjärtat


  • Art direction
  • Consumer PR
  • Creative campaign
  • Event
  • Idea
  • Influencer marketing
  • Media pitch
  • Planning
  • Social media activation

What we did

As a proud partner to Cancerfonden and their Pink Ribbon campaign, Apotek Hjärtat releases a new pink product every year in October in order to raise awareness and funds for cancer research in Sweden. But even though all profits from the campaign supports cancer research in general, the Pink Ribbon is widely associated with women and breast cancer. Therefore, Apotek Hjärtat wanted to twist their communication for 2017 and create a product specifically for men – a pink shaving foam.

To highlight the initiative, we encouraged men to shave in support for cancer by launching the Pink Barbershop, a pop up barbershop where men could get a pink shave for an optional donation to Cancerfonden. The campaign was well recognized in media, with a reach of over 3 million impressions. The barbershop was fully booked during the entire period, and we also encouraged people to share their pink shaving foam selfies on social media under the hashtag #rakarosa, where a donation from Apotek Hjärtat was made for each selfie that was uploaded. All in all, Apotek Hjärtat reached their all time donation record to Cancerfonden.