Sunscreen On Tap

Apotek Hjärtat


  • Art direction
  • Content production
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Idea
  • Media pitch
  • Planning
  • Social media activation

What we did

The main reason why Swedes fail to use sunscreen is because they don’t have it at hand when they need it. Many people remember to use sunscreen when they actively decide to tan but fail to use it in other sunny places such as outdoor terraces, where you tend to get high exposure and sit for a long time. We equipped one of Stockholm’s most sunny roof tops with a new kind of summer brew: sunscreen SPF 20 on tap. The sunscreen is by Apotek Hjärtat’s own brand Apolosophy and was available to order free of charge.

The sunscreen tap was well received on social media with a light hearted tone we got the message across of the importance of using sunscreen. Bloggers, F&B media along with other media picked up the news of the new approach to making sunscreen available.