The Haunted Experience

Activision Blizzard


  • Art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Film production
  • Graphic design
  • Idea
  • Social media activation
  • Web design

What we did

In June 2017, Blizzard released a new expansion for Diablo III. Given the fact that the game is five year old, the novelty has worn off as most fans have already completed it with multiple heroes. So we needed to make gamers in the Nordic region excited to play the Diablo III expansion – Rise of The Necromancer, in a market full of large-scale releases.

The Necromancer has the ability to harness power from the dead and make them fight by his side. We gave gamers a first hand experience of his ability by creating ”The Haunted Experience”. A challenge to gamers, where we looked for one brave soul who wanted to play The Rise of Necromancer in Sweden’s most haunted house while streaming the experience live on one of the most popular gaming sites, Twitch.