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The 1 Millisecond Ad is a campaign featuring a commercial that’s only one millisecond long, to highlight how incredible fast Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED technology is. The film is so fast that you can only see it in super slowmotion.

Lag and high latency is among the most annoying things you can experience as a gamer. But thanks to Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED technology, gamers are able to play on gear with a superfast respons time of one millisecond. This gives gamer an advantage on the battlefield. To highlight this benefit, we made an ad that’s one millisecond long – so fast that the human eye can’t register it. That’s why we had to turn down the speed of time and show the ad in super slowmotion.

The campaign features a treasure hunt on Twitch, where famous streamers such as YZNB (SE), Eeddplays (FI), Madsengaming (DK) och Chriswhippit (SE) will hide the millisecond ad in their channels. The person who finds all the ads, and enter the right password on the campaign site will win products from the LIGHTSPEED series.

Read more at the1millisecond.com