• Art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Film production
  • Idea
  • Influencer marketing
  • Media pitch
  • Planning
  • PR content production
  • Social media activation
  • Social media strategy
  • Web design

What we did

To get people talking about the Samsung QLED TV we created Unspoil Me, the world’s first digital hypnosis that enabled anyone to forget their favourite TV-series, so that they could re-experience it on a new Samsung QLED TV. The hypnosis was created together with certified hypnotist Fredrik Praesto and crafted into an interactive web-experience consisting of a 20 minute audio experience accompanied by hypnotic graphics, all designed to get you into trance.

The news about Samsung’s digital hypnosis blew up the internet and created a media reach well over 380 000 000 impressions. Unspoil me was featured in major news outlets all over the world. Journalists, radio and TV hosts, forum members and influencers all experienced the hypnosis to craft their own unique story. Over 350 000 people visited the site during the campaign period, resulting in 22 000 hours of hypnosis – that’s over two years. In the end we gave thousands of people the opportunity to re-experience their favorite TV-series on a Samsung QLED TV.